Crystal trophy process
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Crystal trophy production process

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The crystal trophy has always been loved by our customers. Crystal made a variety of crystal trophies for everyone, I hope everyone can like it!

At the major competitions at home and abroad, whenever the results come out, the spotlights of the audience are gathered on the podium. All the audience will gather their attention to the most dazzling place on the stage and focus on the winners. At this time, the crystal trophy represents not only a kind of glory, but also affirmation of the hard work of the winners. It can be seen how important a beautiful and perfect crystal trophy is.

The crystal trophy is a symbol of nobleness and purity. It is crystal clear, sparkling, delicate, and can be engraved and engraved on it. The crystal material of good texture is as clear as ice and snow. Getting a trophy is a symbol of honor.

With the continuous popularity of crystal gifts, the crystal trophy has gradually emerged from the trophies of many materials. The artificial crystal trophy has the advantage of crystal clear and transparent, and the shape can basically reach the shape of the metal trophy (the crystal trophy is all made up of geometric figures. Unlike metal, which can be die-cast, so too abstract shapes can't be made.), the trophies of many competitions all use crystal trophies.

The production process has a total of: material selection, material opening, preforming, rough polishing, fine polishing, punching, plating, engraving, sand blasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

1. Material selection: Crystal raw materials are usually divided into several grades. The best is that there are no impurities, provisions and bubbles, and the materials are also very regular. The brightness is very high, very transparent, and in turn, there are gradually small defects.

2. Unloading: It is the shape and size required to cut the whole piece of material into a crystal preform with a large saw blade at high speed.

3. Embossing: The size and shape of the finished product are made by the mold, and then the raw material is heated to a temperature higher than 900 ° C to melt, flow into the mold, and die-cast.

4. Rough polishing: The blank that is pressed out of the mold is directly ground out of the finished line by a diamond disk.

5. Fine polishing: After rough polishing, polish the finished product with polishing powder until it is crystal clear.

6. Punching: Before the finished crystal product is completed, the hole is machined according to the size and position of the hole required.

6. Silk screen: The crystal surface is decorated with different color materials for effect treatment. The color layer is thicker and can be peeled off after exerting force.

7. Plating: Using similar plating methods, the crystal surface has different colors, the layer is thinner, scratched by friction, and scratches appear. Since the plating is often located at the bottom, other objects are often attached at the bottom of the plating. Such as the birth of the town of Wenxiao.

8. Engraving: strong stereoscopic effect, high technology, fine workmanship and high cost. Hand-carved graphics, machine-engraved text.

9. Sandblasting Apply a special medium to the surface of the crystal, and then use the machine to impact the crystal surface with different thickness of sand to form the pattern that customers want.

10. Assembly Some crystals are made up of several parts. Here I need to assemble all the parts. This is a meticulous job, and a little carelessness will make the whole product scrapped.

11. Packing: Wipe the crystal trophy and place it in a special box. This is a finished product.
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