How to make acrylic products
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Acrylic processing process and precautions.

Tools/raw materials
Acrylic sheet
Engraving machine
Cutting machine, welding tool
Method / step
1. Cutting material: Cutting the acrylic sheet with a cutting machine. This requires clearing the size of the acrylic product to accurately open the material to avoid material waste.

2. Engraving: After the material is finished, the acrylic sheet is initially engraved according to the shape requirements of the acrylic product, and carved into different shapes.

3. Polishing: After cutting, engraving and punching, the edges are rough and easy to scratch. Therefore, the polishing process is used. Polishing is also divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire polishing. It is necessary to choose different products according to the product. Polishing method. The specific method of distinguishing the polishing process of acrylic products.

4. Trimming: After the material is opened or engraved, the edge of the acrylic sheet is rough, so the acrylic trimming process is used, and the trimming machine is used.

5, hot bending: through the hot bend can make acrylic into a different shape, in the hot bend is also divided into local hot bend and overall hot bend respectively. Specifically, you can view the hot bending process of acrylic products.

6, punching: This process is based on the needs of acrylic products, some acrylic products have small round holes, this step will use the punching process.

7, silk screen: This step is generally the customer needs to display their own brand LOGO or slogan will choose silk screen, silk screen is divided into monochrome silk screen and four color (CNYK) silk screen two kinds of silk screen. You can learn more about the silk screen printing process of acrylic products.

8. Tear paper: The tearing process is a step before the silk screen and hot bending process. Because the acrylic sheet will have a protective paper after leaving the factory, the sticker attached to the acrylic sheet must be removed before silk screen printing and hot bending.

9. Bonding and packaging: These two steps are the last two steps in the acrylic product process. The assembly of the entire acrylic product part and the packaging before leaving the factory are completed.

Avoid scratches and cracks during processing and use
Wipe clean with suede or a soft cloth dampened with 1% soapy water before painting.
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