Acrylic UV printing
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Acrylic uv printers can also be called UV flatbed printers. Acrylic printers can print color inkjet directly on acrylic, and can be applied to tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, mobile phones, watches, jewelry and other industries. So what are the advantages of acrylic uv printers?

What are the advantages of acrylic uv printers?
Acrylic UV printers have the following advantages:

1, can print any pattern, the color transition is natural, rich and beautiful.

2, you can freely change the color and content of the print pattern, change the printing effect, you can print one-to-one digital, no plate making.

3, Acrylic uv printer is compatible with different industries, not limited to materials, can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the traditional printing method, can print very thin or very thick objects.

Acrylic uv printers have so many advantages, is its printing cost high? UV printer printing costs between 5-10 yuan per square meter. Mainly affected by two factors:

1, the number of times of white color ink printing, the more the number of passes, the higher the price;

2, the cost of consumables, domestically produced costs are lower, the price of imports is more expensive.

Because of the higher artistic and aesthetic value of acrylic after printing, it is much higher than the average acrylic price, so the profit is considerable, the market prospect is good, and the return rate is high.
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